August 11-13, 2017 (3 days / 2 nights)

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Yoga pose on the beach

Join Epithereal's amazing collective of professionals August 11th through 13th for 3 days and 2 nights of integrated beauty and wellness. Featuring best selling author and Health Coach Neil Cannon, Reiki Master Christina Bonilla, and Yogi Kari Jaffe, along with beauty expert and Co-host of #skinfoodbodylove on KNEKT.TV, Coleen Janeway. This team of professionals will guide you through your exclusive journey of elevated wellness in food, body, mind and soul.

We will be demonstrating food prep and healthy lifestyle food choices, posture and yoga clinics, hiking and surf lessons, as well as fireside chats and energy work for the mind and body.

A special one on one session for each attendee with Neil Cannon to jump start the body and learn how to be inflammation free! Special musical guests, meditations and Chakra clearings.

Our sacred space will be limited to twenty lucky individuals.

Major meals included, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as some snacks and beverages. Guests and attendees may bring their own food if desired, there will be storage available. Dietary needs should be disclosed along with any allergies upon registration.

You must be physically able to hike moderately to participate in the hike, or be a swimmer if you choose to surf or take a surf lesson. Guests or attendees can opt-out of the hike or surf lessons if desired.

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Retreat Features

  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Reiki
  • Posture and yoga clinics
  • Energy work
  • Preparation of healthy, anti-inflamatory food
  • Surfing lessons
  • Hiking
  • Fireside chats


  • Coleen Janeway, Founder



    As the Founder of Epithereal, Coleen Janeway is a beauty and skincare enthusiast and a veteran in the industry. After years of working behind-the-scenes in the beauty business, Janeway decided to combine her experience and passion for integrated beauty into one, luxurious destination.

    Through Epithereal, Janeway hopes to create an exciting and welcomed twist in the aesthetics industry. Janeway believes that beauty starts from within and one’s best skin does not require surgery. Through non-surgical treatments, an expert staff and customized treatment plans, Janeway offers her patients natural and effective results.

    Janeway prides herself on the trusted relationships she’s built with her clients and VIP care is a standard within the Epithereal experience.

  • Neil Cannon, Health & Wellness Coach, Author


    Health & Wellness Coach, Author

    Neil Cannon is the bestselling author of The Vitality Secret: Defy Disease, Combat Common Illnesses & Stay Young. Neil is also a health coach and has helped his customers and clients achieve extraordinary results by reversing inflammation - the core subject of The Vitality Secret. Such results include the lessening of symptoms of pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes, balancing unhealthy cholesterol levels, and some have reported a reduction in symtoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Neil has also helped his clients burn considerable amounts of fat in short periods of time through his digital program called The Inflammation Solution (available through Epithereal). Neil's previous book is called Mojo Multiplier: Raise Testosterone Naturally. In this book, Neil raises awareness of how our environment and diet is causing a lot of harm with men, namely, an imbalance of hormones. This hormonal imbalance can trigger a steep reduction in testosterone levels and sperm counts, resulting in a sharp increase men resorting to “man boob” reduction operations. Interestingly, low testosterone and inflammation are closely linked. His latest program called Clear Skin In 7 helps people have clearer skin by changing what they put in their bodies, how they move their bodies, and by a shift in psychology and associations with food.

  • Christina Bonilla, LMT, Reiki Master, Hollistic Wellness Coach


    LMT, Reiki Master, Hollistic Wellness Coach

    Christina Bonilla is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and has been a Holistic Wellness Coach catering to clients on the Westside and greater Los Angeles area for 9 years. Her passion is assisting clients with stress management using multiple healing arts modalities, such as reiki healing, chakra balancing, crystal and aroma therapy, meditation, and eastern and western styles of healing techniques.

  • Kari Jaffe, Yogi



    We all struggle with body image, I’m no stranger to it. Once tipping the scales at 215 pounds, I found myself plateauing after a 40lb weight-loss. A dear friend introduced me to Bikram’s Hot Yoga while I was living in Miami’s South Beach. I remember every moment of my first class, recognizing, I couldn’t touch my toes or barely even pick up my foot, yet I was truly inspired by the people around me, somehow, knowing that in that moment I was shape shifting my life forever.

    Yoga came into my life exactly when I needed it most, strengthening my body while quieting my mind. I continued to grow in ways I could never have imagined. Yoga made my limbs suddenly feel stronger and more toned. I became better at breathing. Yes, more conscious and aware of how I used my breathe to move through my body. I started to shift my thoughts and change my mind. I became more aware of habits, both good and bad. I began to listen more, not just to the people around me, but to myself, my body, my intuition.

    Yoga gave me will power I never knew I had. It gave me fortitude, strength, perseverance, courage, SELF LOVE.

    I teach from a space of possibility. I encourage my students to stay interested in their practice and urge them to constantly try something new. If you apply yourself, and stay open to what your body is capable of, you will unlock the magic of your yoga practice.

    I have been teaching at Bikram Yoga Marina del Rey since I graduated from training in Spring 2013. I am the creator of a local after school yoga program, Practice not Perfect, which is coming up on it's fourth year! I am always searching and striving to learn more, so I can be the most effective teacher possible. I am currently enrolled in the Loyola Marymount University program for Yoga and the Healing Sciences, and I also begin teaching and working with the USC football team this coming season. You can see more about me and my passion for yoga on my website


See below for the exciting schedule we have planned!

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Day 1

Welcome and check-in
Snacks and orientation
Intention Gathering - All participants
Hands on cooking demonstration and discussion of anti-inflammatory foods
Reiki (15 min intro and guided meditation outdoors) and Hike
Sunset yoga & sound bath
Wine tasting and closing musical performance
Lite dinner

Day 2

5:45 am
Gentle Tibetan chime wake up
Sunrise yoga and hike
Posture Clinic
Break/free time (boxed lunches will be available)
Reiki Session - sign-up for one-on-one
Neil Cannon Health Coach - mini clinic on inflammation and jumpstart programs to increase your energy and create optimal health
Yin Yoga
Wine tasting and snacks
Dinner with live music - “Sounds of the Sea” with special guest (Beth Ann Davies - earth crystals and stones bracelet maker)

Day 3

Hike and Stretch Session - lead by Coleen and Kari
Live music gathering prep for SUP (stand up paddle board) or surf lesson (snacks and lite lunch)
Closing remarks and Gratitude Circle lead by Kari & Christina